Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick Action: reycling bin placement paying dividends at Barrall Field

It's only been a week since the eight recycling bins were placed at Barrall Field, but the return on ACTION is already paying dividends.  I stopped by the field today just to see how the bins have been used and where they were placed.  All eight were well utilized with most half way filled already.

 Barrall Field

I received an update this weekend that the $20k grant awarded to Media Boro. through Rep. Tom Killion's office will be release in June.  This money will go toward Big Belly solar trash compactors which was facilitated by Councilman, Pete Alayankian.


  1. Awesome! It's about time we had adequate recycling options there...great work!

  2. Great job!
    Media is going to LOVE BigBelly Solar!!

    And by the way, for any who have ever wondered, that plastic cup in the picture is NOT recyclable (under existing collection programs; neither is the lid and straw). Otherwise that is an exemplary example of public recycling, and a testament to the fact that popular sentiment has changed, and there IS a growing desire from the community to keep recyclables out of the waste stream.

  3. Hey Ted, I've been asking for recycling up at the Community Center & at EACH State St event for years now. Yes, the cans are sometimes there, but there doesn't seem to be a committment, firm requirement or enforcement at rentals AND Boro events. I've been to Boro sponsored event where recycling was not being required!! Can you & Jim C please do something about that????

  4. I am so glad folks are talking about recycling!!

    Yes, I'm a recycling geek. Just ask my kids & husband. Many years ago I served on Media's first recycling committee & worked as the Recycling Coordinator for Upper Prov for many years.

    I confess to Amy I was the adult who asked the teen-ager to place that cup into the recycling bin.

    A few Earth Days ago while touring the Blue Mountain recycling facility where I believe our recyclables still go, they said the need to recycle more is beginning to create a market for more than just # 1&2 plastics. They were accepting 1-7 at the plant and partnering with others to find end users for the #'s 3-7.

    Some communities like UPT have been recycling #'s 3-7 for years. Supply-demand. End uses.
    It's all tied together.

    Now when we're paying more in local taxes to have our waste processed, recycling is not only the green thing to do, it's a cost saving step that is easy for all. Each person, every day making a difference.

    Hmmmmmm, reminds me to contact Karen our recycling coordinator here in Media (she's excellent) to see if I can volunteer some time to the Boro in assiting her with a project.

    Maybe we can investigate the possibility of officially expanding our programs to accept #s 1 - 7 if we do not all ready do so.

  5. @anon

    The broader scale recycling efforts such as boro. events, buildings and commercial are overseen by Media's EAC Environmental Advisory Council. I'll forward on your concern. In the meantime, I"ll also ask Jim Cunningham to follow-up too.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Christ, we get the world to recycle and now we're going to educate people on what forms of plastic to recycle? How about we continue to put them in the bins and let the recycling folks figure it out!

  7. What numbers of plastic can we recycle in the bins at Barrall Field? We can only recycle 1 and 2 at home, it would be great to be able to recycle 3 and up as well.