Monday, November 8, 2010

Car Burglarized at Ridley Creek State Park

Back in April I wrote about cars being broken into at Ridley Creek State Park.  Based on today's story in the Delcotimes, it happened again last week.  This time a car window was smashed.  Upper Providence police are asking for any clues that might revelant to apprehending the suspects.

Upper Providence police searching for suspect who took credit cards from parked car


  1. And look where it's at middle-America Now it's a tragedy now it's so sad to see An upper class city.

    Don't pay taxes the world gets less safe because people get desperate.

  2. Wonder where the park security officers were? last week I was there and parked my motorcycle illegally near a bathroom and was all but assaulted by some dude who threw down his leaf blower and flashed a badge at me. Yelling and screaming like a little girl about how he was going to write me a citation. I suppose the leaf clean up is behind schedule or they'd be all over the whole car break-in thing.