Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lessons Learned: Poll Workers Needed for Elections

During this year's election it was quite evident that people who take the time to work the polls need help.  It's a long hard day when it's staffed correctly, when it's not, it's much, much harder.

Volunteers are needed for a host of election positions: Judge of Elections, Majority/Minority Clerks, Machine inspectors, etc.  If you would like to be come involved, please contact your local party.

More information can be found at Delaware County Election Bureau


  1. It would also be nice if someone actually enforced the law to keep campaign workers at least 10 feet from the door.

  2. Campaign workers shouldn't be allowed on the premises. A voter should be able to walk from their car to the poll without having to encounter someone trying to hand them leaflets or spark a conversation. Also - are only voters registered to Democratic or Republic parties allowed to volunteer at polls? This rules out Independents and Non-Partisans.