Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Sqweeky Clean innovation comes to Media, PA

There’s a new innovative business kicking off that was developed here in Media and will soon be cleaning the world one vehicle at a time.  It’s Sqweeky Mobile Car Spa and they are bringing high tech and convenience that will surely revolutionize what you formally knew as the “wait in line” car wash.   They actually to do very high end car detailing and bring the whole experience to your office or home.

I met Media resident, Dan Lievens at an event this week and he gave me the whole description of the company he and his partner developed.  These guys are quite savvy and if you take a look at, you’ll see they know a lot of about marketing and technology.  Dan having 15 years experience in IT, really knows how technologies can be leveraged and implemented for this business. They have big plans for Sqweeky and really take advantage geo-location services, real-time updates and video.  In fact, an owner of their soon to be franchises will be able to manage a truck and staff from a laptop computer.  That’s cool! 

With fully customized trucks that include their own water and electrical systems, there is no need for customer provided utilities.  Make an appointement on there intuitive website, and they’ll come to you.   Eco friendly and bio-degradable products are important too.  They have  water reclamation mat process that also removes every drop of water from the site of the cleaning. 

Just as important as the technology, is the education, certification and training this company has spent on their employees towards the science of car detailing and finishing.  They are a fully insured “go to” team for many needs including:  paint correction, interior/exterior sealants, fabrics/carpets, steam cleaning, engine compartments, headlight restoration, carpet dye, upholstery protection, plastic trim and odor elimination.

Vehicles, Motorcycles, Planes and Fleet Services can all be Sqweeky clean.  Check them out!


  1. Hi nice post. Thanks for provide the A Sqweeky Clean innovation comes to Media.

  2. Abracadabra on Baker Street near Manchester does hand washing and full detailing. Locally owned and operated.