Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Look who just strolled into town, Texas Timmy

He came out of no where but is sure to make an impression on what is shaping up to be a new Media rivalry between old vs. new, or hotdog vs hotdog, and/or beer vs beer.  He's Texas Timmy and he's bringing a bunch of his dogs too.  

Pinocchio's new Hotdog - Texas Timmy
After news of My Three Sons Hotdog shop and Beer Emporium hit the streets, and to open this weekend, it now looks like Pinocchio’s is making a pre-emptive strike to get in the hot dog business as well.  They already have a excellent beer store, so why wouldn’t they offer a gourmet hot dog menu (btw, I had always thought Pinocchio’s had a great opportunity to make soft pretzels in their ovens to go with their beer selection – perhaps another story)

After decades of making pizzas, hoagies and cheesteaks, it’s no coincidence Pinocchio’s is now deciding to make premium hotdogs.  And they want you to know about it.  With a recent post on their Facebook page, this could get deliciously exciting.  Two are better than one, and a little fun competition hopefully will bring a lot of customers to both stores. 

I don’t normally drink beer, but when I do I try not to reference popular tv commercials.    But if you are a connoisseur of beer and hot dogs, let us know what you think about these places. 


  1. Just a heads up. Pinocchio's started doing their own pretzels/pretzel bread a few months ago and it's fantastic!

    1. How about that! Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out!

  2. Pinochio's Beer Garden is the best place to pick up small quanitities of worthy craft beer, for quite some distance. Even though their store is ridiculously small and tough to browse behind people drinking; we're lucky to have them in our town. Otherwise I'd be hiking out to Total Wine or the Foodery more often.

    Looking forward to M3S's opening as an additional option; though I'd say it's a bit early to declare a rivalry, or that M3S's think's it's good fun. Good Luck!

  3. Don't forget about the wonderful hotdogs at Front Street Fountain!!! They started this hot dog trend and believe me, their hot dogs are delicious!!

  4. Speaking of which, Front Street Fountain has the best milkshakes I've EVER had. Nice job. And be sure to check out Patty and Frank!

  5. Just ice cream in aston will cure what ails ya...yum yum...

  6. Pinochio's beer garden is the biggest ripoff in Media! Those pick pocket artists are now going to have what media liberals fear the most - COMPETITION!! With two places now available to get get six packs, let the price war begin. In the end the consumer wins. Too bad some of the communists in Media bubble is going to burst - no this is not cuba, or china, or russia or france. This is the US - where capitalism reigns supreme.

  7. Little paranoid there..sounds like Joe McCarthy...
    All American Liberal boy...