Friday, December 21, 2012

Media Borough Council Mishandles "Super Wawa" opportunity

For those who wanted a super Wawa and for those who didn't, you all are owed a better explanation by Media Borough Council.  It wasn't a perceived traffic problem that sunk this project, nor cost or parking; it was the ineptness of our own borough council who apparently after a year, could not understand or define what was needed to at least further explore this project.

As you'll see from last night's borough council meeting,  there was confusion, lack of direction, undefined objectives that all led to a miscommunication that was eventually too much for Wawa.  How could a company like Wawa looking to invest millions in this community, have been so badly mishandled?  Whether it would have been built or not, this isn't how community business should be conducted.

Having seen the undermining tactics used against the Third Street Bridge and the antics played out by this borough council, it's no wonder Wawa walked away.  Political agendas and ineptness win out every time here in everybody's home town.


  1. A super Wawa was not the highest and best use of that property. I am glad it fell apart.

    1. don't tell Media Real Estate that.

  2. President Hall,

    This is no way to run a borough.

  3. It would have been a crappy location.

  4. A hotel was there before. Put one back. Then put a WaWa kiosk in the lobby. So it is a win, win.

  5. Not sure who the main writer of this blog is, but I really like it.
    I would love to help with it and spread the word of our hometown.