Sunday, December 23, 2012

Media in Two Minutes 12-23-12

For this week's 2012 Christmas addition, I want to thank the readers who visit this blog.  I know there are quite a few, but to be at an event in Concord last night and have someone from Middletown come up to me and tell me they are a regular reader of this blog, really puts it in perspective

I would also like THANK Media's Police and Fire departments, along with the borough's Highway Dept.  There are many volunteers affiliated with this borough who have given countless hours to make our town better.  Thank you all!

Special thanks and appreciation to Council members, Monika Rehoric and Dawn Roe for their independent thinking that has been a fine representation of this borough.  Also, Borough Manager, Jeff Smith.  With out their dedication and leadership, this town would not be half of what it is.  Merry Christmas.

Ok, Let's Go!
Stop sign to be put at 2nd and Monroe Streets
I wrote about this back in February 2012 that there was a need for a stop sign at location of 4th and Orange.  However, last Thursday it was decided one will be put at 2nd and Monroe. That's a good move too.  It's deceptive not to have one here, as the other intersections leading up to this location has them.  What that means: when people come to 2nd and Monroe there isn't a stop sign, but people may naturally think there is and stop.  Or people on Second Street, who have a stop sign before crossing Monroe Street, may think they perpendicular traffic also has a stop sign, which they don't.

Poll taken back in Feb. 2012
It's an honest enough mistake, but having a stop sign here favors safety over convenience.  It's a good move, which should be implemented in the next few weeks.  Interesting, based on the poll it was 50/50 for this stop sign.

Santa's Yearly arrival should be back on State Street next year.
The change in Santa's arrival this November at the steps of the courthouse was done to accommodate the crowds.   It didn't turn out too well as the crowds and businesses on state street both suffered.  

At this week's council meeting, a merchant expressed her displeasure with the decision to move the event and sited their sales were down 30% because of it.  She's not the only one.  Having spoken to others, they thought this year's setup was lacking.  Bring Santa back to State Street for 2013

Make no mistake, this event is on and will happen where it always has on the corner of 1 West State and Jackson Streets.  Much like the Media 5 miler, NYE in this town has gotten to be a HUGE event.  A lot of house parties take place that evening with big crowds migrating down to see the ball drop.

It's gotten rowdier too!  So take my advice, it you don't want to get sprayed with champagne, stay on the outer fringes of the crowd.  This event has been known to draw 5,000 people, which seems to be growing.

My Three Sons Hot Dogs and Beer Emporium.
Yesterday's grand opening of MTS was a stellar hit.  I didn't get down there until late afternoon, but I shouldn't have waited.  By the time I arrived they were sold out of quite a few of their offerings.  I'm glad they did so well and heard there was a line out the door for part of the day.

Even though there was a line, it was easy in and easy out.  I like the wide open space, the seating and the quick convenience of an eatery like this.  We've all had a lot of hot dogs in our day, but this food was excellent and reasonable! I appreciate the large selections of craft beers, but opted for a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.   There's something here for everyone and well worth the wait.  Welcome to Media, MTS!

Top Story of 2012 - Media's Third Street Bridge.

Media Borough Council has again made a very foolish gamble with financing for this project.  Not in the best interests of a better economic outcome, but to deliver campaign kickbacks to their cronies who would rather sabotoge the whole effort, than allow the project to proceed to fix one of Pennsyvania's most dangerous dams.

Two days ago, it was found that borough council never notified PennDot of the pending "contempt of court" petition filed against them.  When I discussed the matter with PennDot and asked how this would now affect the financing totaling millions of dollars, PennDot would not give a statement at that time.  Furthermore, after a Judge advised a few weeks ago to work these issues out, this council has had NO meaningful discussions on the matter with the other stakeholders.  Again, ZERO LEADERSHIP! What's worse is that this council has been assuring us the PennDot financing is secure, and yet never told them of the recent court issues.  

Mayor Bob McMahon should be embarrassed.

Earlier this Fall the mayor made it abundantly clear to me that he supports a two-way roadway over the proposed dam.  He even made a concerted effort to make sure I knew that! However, when heated debate took place on the subject at the September council meeting, he failed to speak up about Media's biggest issue. Not one word. 

Last Thursday at Media's council meeting, former councilman Jim Cunningham asked why he hadn't given a position on Third Street.  The response he told people prior was that he wasn't asked too. Wasn't asked to?  This is the exact game McMahon as a political opportunist has been playing for 18 years.  He'll tell one group one thing, while telling another group something else hoping he won't be exposed by discussion among the two.  He's seen the whole debacle over this bridge, and not to speak until he's decided the political value, is a disgrace.  That strategy probably worked well for him up until now.

Shockingly, at the meeting the Mayor now stated he's for a one-way design.  This after the group he's met with (FROGS) has a representative sitting in the audience.  And with McMahon most likely running for mayor again next year, he's obviously chose political posturing over his responsibilities for this town.


  1. Agreed, this Mayor had become too complacent and uses Media and the County for his own agendas.

  2. I have to disagree with Santa being on State Street. I thought the courthouse went very well this year. There was plenty of room for the whole crowd. I hope they continue to keep it there!

  3. I did not like Santa at the courthouse at all this year, my kids could not see anything. I really wish they would go back to the tradition of Santa taking a whole lap on the fire truck down state street before parking. Then you could stand along state street and get a nice view of santa! And my kids were very confused at the countdown when nothing lit up! Highly disappointing this year.

  4. Move Santa coming to GPP and the FROGS will decorate a tree and the then X mayor can deliver Santa there. The tadpoles will have nothing to complain about unless their Toads or Bulls have to drive them around to get there.

  5. Christmas came early when UPT decided not to go along with this council's games! Hold that library $ until common sense prevails!

  6. The 2nd and Monroe 4-way stop sign makes a lot of sense. Same for 4th & Orange.

    Santa on State Street is a better deal all the way around. Delaware County Courthouse doesn't really say "Christmas" to me. The only gifts given there are get out of jail free cards for people who murder babies in car trunks, quick releases from jury duty, and lame campaign speeches from John McCain.

  7. WHO IS THIS MEDIAmike guy, anyway? He always has a lot to say. Does he really live in Media. does he have a real name? Just wondering.

    1. Just another whack job, overentitled media borough liberal.

  8. I heard the owners of Spasso didn't want Santa there.

    1. You heard right.

    2. Santa should have been included in the Sales Agreement. Not to bright on the part of the borough council. I'm doing eating in Spasso's.


  10. The stop sign on 2nd and Monroe is pretty annoying, but I'll get used to it. My big issue is that they painted over the crosswalk last year or the year before and that should be undone now that there is a stop sign. Media is a walking town.

  11. The stop sign on 2nd and Monroe is pretty annoying, but I'll get used to it. My big issue is that they painted over the crosswalk last year or the year before and that should be undone now that there is a stop sign. Media is a walking town.