Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prepare for the Arctic Blast - Delaware County prepares cold weather programs

Delaware County prepares programs for this week's cold weather
The 2013 winter season seems to be getting off to a late start, but with temperatures struggling to get above freezing today and the rest of the week, it's certainly back in force.  In fact the next few days will be the coldest we've had in sometime.

Be sure to check on your neighbors, elderly and pets.  Also check out the Delaware County site for pertinent updates and programs that deal with extreme weather for the homeless.  Here is an update from Dr. George Avetian, Delaware County Senior Medical Advisor on preparation underway for this week's weather.


  1. Good advice. My neighbors are seniors. I'll check up on them today.

  2. Why haven't Brian Hall and Kent Davidson done anything about the cold? This council is TERRIBLE! Cindy, are you having a "blood pressure heart attack" about their lack of action in response to this cold weather?

    What do the people in Upper Providence and Middletown Townships feel about this cold? How about the RTM school board?