Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update: Media Parking Meters take credit cards

It surprises me that Media Borough doesn't provide any announcement about the new parking meters or how they operate, but then again it really doesn't.  This week a few people contacted me about how these work and why do some have credit card slots, but don't allow you to insert your card.

Ok, first off, if you're looking to pay by credit card, make sure it looks like the one in the photo to the right.  You can review instructions and Frequently Asked Questions in a prior post.

As for the plain meters that look like they have a credit card slot, they don't work and should prevent you from entering a card.

Here's something I didn't know about these meters that was provided by a commenter:
"I would add one item to your FAQ's: If you pay with your prepaid smart card and return to the meter to find leftover time, you can re-insert your card to refund the leftover time to the card. Kiosks won't do that, nor will coins nor credit cards. :) "

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