Sunday, November 3, 2013

Media in Two Minutes - VOTE TEDMAN NOV 5th!

Dear Reader and Voter,

I want to thank Dave Daniel from Upper Providence for the commentary post he submitted on Tuesday.  It's refreshing to see a candidate outline the issues and tackle them head-on. In Media we've been fed statements such as, "Roll up our sleeves" and "Thinking outside the box," which doesn't mean anything. But I'm sure what I outline below will.
  • Third Street Bridge Continues to cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  It's worse off now than 2 years ago when it had a real chance to be solved.  Mayor McMahon refuses to address it.
  • Economic Investment in Media It's a flat-out embarrassment that we have a company willing to invest millions into the borough, yet they have been intentionally strung along because we don't have the accountability or leadership on borough council.  Wawa has presented 14 times in 18 months and council president, Brian Hall acts as though he's hearing it all for the first time.  He even pushed off the decision till after the election so not to draw attention to themselves when they deny it.  Other businesses have taken notice of Media's anti-business climate.
  • Media's Hotel - For seven years this was left to fend for itself.  Media borough provided updates that this was shovel ready just a year ago, when in fact it still sits there to this day.  How could a council have gotten this project so wrong?  The owners have lost interest.
  • Olive Street Parking Garage - This structure is in such bad shape that it becomes a natural waterfall with rainwater running through the seams.  I've been writing for the need to repair this for two years.  Now that the borough has to hire a structural engineer, you have to wonder how neglected this garage is.  Media can't afford to lose 250 parking spots in downtown!
  • 15 years for 8 Traffic Lights?  Mayor McMahon speaks of how important the "Future" is, but his track record shows it took him 15 YEARS to have the traffic signals along Baltimore Ave and Providence Road synchronized.  The same project in Springfield was done in two years!  This ineptness also cost taxpayers another $200,000 due to delays.
  • Septa's Funding for the Media/Elwyn Line  If candidates are so eager to be on borough council, then why haven't they done anything to show their worth? I'm the ONLY candidate that's actively researched, investigated, written and met with legislatures over this issue.  Who's fighting for your best interests?
  •  Small Businesses  When our small businesses do well, the town as a whole becomes a better place for everyone.  I understand that, but also realize the challenges of new town centers being built up the street in Middletown.  Does Bob McMahon? He's not taken any opportunity to speak on the matter.
Folks, on Tuesday November 5th we can make a real change in this town.  A change that will show results, not overused business metaphors that apparently candidates find acceptable to deceive the residents with.

Tedman O'Hara

Media in Two Minutes

The App of My Eye (not really, it just sounded good)
Media's Great Wall
If you commute via the trolley, Media/Elwyn Line or even by Septa bus; check out their new app they released this week.  I did a quick review of it and included other comments regarding important updates Septa has via Twitter.

The Great Wall of Media
I'm not exactly sure what this wall entails, but I know it's important to the people of Media.  I was sent this picture to do a post, but folks, I need a little more information here.  Fill us in!

Bear Sighting in Media
Yep, you got that right.  This week a bear was brought into the borough and will be kept at the Delaware County Institute of Science on Veteran's square.  Ok, it's a stuffed bear, but they are thrilled to have it and hope people will come to check it out.  Listen, if you've never been to the DCIS, take a stroll through.  It's an AMAZING facility!

Republic Bank has it's Grand Opening
With as many banks in Media, I didn't think this opening would be such a big deal.  Turns out, it was.  I really had a great time with catching up with people in the community at this event.  The place looks amazing and has a lot of parking - something you don't hear often in Media. 
wall covering at Republic Bank

W 4th and N. Orange Street
Ok, I know after writing about the need to correct the signage at this intersection, there are now signs that indicate cross traffic does not stop.  However, you really have to look to see these signs which doesn't do much good if you're not expecting them to be there.  Here's a better example being used by other towns.

New Bike Racks in Media Getting A Work Out
Glad to see residents putting the new bike racks to work.  Here's a picture from Saturday that shows two bikes utilizing the rack at Veteran's Square.  I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't big news, but for those who made this happen it CERTAINLY IS!  Great Job on this and keep of the good work. 

Media History - Houses on the corner of E State and Radnor Streets
This photo was taken in August 2005 when the old houses were being torn down at this location.  The lots been vacant ever since.


  1. The "WALL" was a gathering spot for Media's teens. On Friday & Saturday Nights we would just go and hang out. It was the center of town for most of us. You could watch a movie, get a pizza, drive up and down State Street to see who was around and meet up with everyone at The Wall. Some of my best memories were spent there!

  2. The Wall was demolished by a person with a drug problem. Never rebuilt.

  3. Where exactly was the "wall" located?

    I remember those old brick houses that were razed at State Street near the tennis courts. It's bizarre; ostensibly, would-be developers love to tear down buildings in town and then proceed to build absolutely nothing in its place. At least Hampton understands that concept, got to give them credit for that anyway.

  4. For factual information on the Third Street Project go to or Media Borough's website.

  5. Did anyone else receive a flyer somehow implying that updating the Borough's Comprehensive Plan was a noble endeavor, worthy of praise?? Don't fall for it! The Borough is required to update the Comp Plan under State Law.

    1. Anon 3:50, that gave me such a good laugh. Thank you, friend.

    2. It's a resume filler for a couple useless democratic council members, similar to Davidson being on the technology committee a few years back that led to the 'award winning' template used in many other municipalities. You know, the costly update that wasn't really needed?

  6. What's the purpose of the Media History photo?