Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tedman O'Hara for Mayor of Media - Working for the Community

Elvis Presley Knows Media, PA
When I'm not writing this blog I'm out talking with residents in Media.  Truthfully, I love going door-to-door and sharing stories about Media, as well as hearing them.  Did you know that Blue Christmas made famous by the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley was written in Media, Pa? Here's the commemorative plaque that tells the story of Elvis' most famous holiday song.  That's pretty cool!

Today I had the chance to walk around the western and northern precincts to get a first hand look at the issues affecting them.  Parking is a big issue on the west side, especially for the folks on W 4th Street, while others in the north continue to have issues with speeding cars and drivers ignoring stop signs.  There are also issues with traffic congestion due to the road work being done in Upper Providence.  I've reached out to Upper Providence and am trying to get timely updates on progress.  They've even created a site which has already received great feedback from the community.

Problems at N. Orange St.
Not something I'd recommend, nor will I do again(ha), but I'm the one who climbed down the train trestle crossing Crum Creek to get a better look at how bad that situation was that may become a factor in shutting down the Media/Elwyn commuter line.  Hopefully come November, legislatures will vote in favor of this Septa funding contained in the PA Transportation Bill.  When a sink hole closed Orange Street, I also wanted the community to see what that was all about and why we need to keep roadways open and repaired when we have the money to do so (i.e.Third Street Bridge).

I asked.  The tall guys doesn't play basketball, he plays hockey!
Lastly I had a chance to stop in and see the grand opening of the new Republic Bank at the corner of Baltimore Ave and Providence Rd. (across from Starbucks).  WOW! They really know how to throw a party and the newly re-opened bank looks AMAZING!  I was also happy to see some people from the Media Library and Media Food Bank there too. 

As candidate for Mayor of Media, I can't wait to show this community what Media has to offer and how together we can make this one of the best places to live in the country.

 Tuesday, November 5th 7am - 8pm


  1. Yes, I will vote for Tedman.

  2. Ted for Mayor !!!! I wish I could vote in the Media elections - I am in Upper Providence though. Thanks for posting the picture of the plaque on Lemon Street. That was my old house - the Olmstead's bought the house from my family.

  3. MichaelJordan, MediaNovember 3, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    Tedman and his blog have informed the residents--and educated us--more than anyone who ever wrote or commented on our town.

  4. Michael Jordan, MediaNovember 3, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    Monika Rehoric and Jim Cunningham running for Council. No more dedicated individuals ever sat on Council. I'm FOR them.

  5. Blue Christmas was not written in Media. It was written in 1948. The guy who penned it lived here in the early 80's after he retired. Come on Tedman, you took a picture of the plaque but you did not read it? I would expect a candidate for mayor to be a little more thorough...

  6. Please read the plaque on Lemon Street. While the composer of Blue Christmas lived in Media for a few years late in his life, the song was NOT written in Media.

  7. Tedman is a force, a major force and will continue to be, whether he is mayor or not. Being an "R" in Media has not been a plus.