Friday, November 1, 2013

Media/Elwyn Commuters, SETPA has a new app you may find useful!

New Septa 
I always find interest in new technologies that provide simplicity and added convenience for users. This week, a new app was released by that provides a host of features the everyday commuter may find useful.  Whether the bus, trolley or the Media/Elwyn Line, this app is quite extensive.  

What you can expect is a clean user interface with useful features like “Start and End” scheduling, which allows you to see when the next train comes to your particular station and when it arrives at its destination.  There’s also a TrainView that shows a map location with real time updates of Septa trains.  That’s kinda of cool, but not something I found extremely helpful on a day to day basis.  The app’s SystemStatus is helpful too, but again,  I think the Twitter feed for the Media/Elwyn (R3) line more useful.  There are some other neat attributes to the app as well, but for now, I'll still continue to use  a service called Baldwin, which provides a great “Next to Arrive” status. Baldwin is actually a website and not an app, but you can save the web link to your smartphone which makes it just as good.  As for outages, delays or cancellations; Septa has been doing a great job with their Twitter updates which I highly recommend.

Don’t just take my word for it, give Septa’s new app a try.  That’s what experiencing new technology is all about.

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