Sunday, January 26, 2014

Media in Two Minutes


A little late with today's Media in Two Minutes, but I've been traveling in the coal region of Pennsylvania and mountains around Lake Wallenpaupack.  Nice area up there and always enjoy the coal stove.  The competitive ice skating, not so much.
Let's Go! I just want to thank everyone who swung by and took a look at the videos of last week's snow storm.  We have a BLAST doing these!  They'll continue and are a part of something larger that's called project "ATM-S." You may have seen the teaser video I release last week, which touched upon what's to come.  I won't get into many details just yet, but this will be something that I hope to have ready in May-June of this year.  What I can tell you is that it's taking a lot or research, development and testing, which means it won't be cheap, but I'm quite sure it'll be worth it and enjoyed by everyone.

ATM SPOTLIGHT - Local Media Resident, Pat Fahy
I have yet to meet Pat Fahy, but he contacted me on Wednesday evening and wrote, "I've made a video of the storm yesterday."  Truthfully, a lot of people send me a lot of things.  I don't post it all, but I always reply to those that reach out.  I no sooner saw Pat's video and KNEW it would be a smash hit.  Turns out it was and pretty much went viral for a town like Media.  As of today, it has 2,185 views and I'm sure it still has a way to go.  Nice Job, Pat!  Everyone loved it.

The Passing of Well Liked Local, Doc!
A friend reached out to me this week asking if I could recognize the passing of a man
A Tribute to Doc
named "Doc" who was a well known patron at the Boat House in Upper Providence.  I didn't personally know Doc, but he sure had a lot of people who liked and will miss him.  RIP, Doc!

Penncrest Basketball Fundraiser Dinner at Country Deli
Seriously, if you haven't signed up for this, you may just miss out one of the most popular events around.   Friends don't let friends NOT go to this event.  Check'em out on Facebook for all the important details.  GO LIONS!

Wallet Stolen from Trader Joe's
It seems the wallet stolen from a woman at Trader Joe's today was done by a group that knew what they were doing.  You can read the story here.

Adopt a Fire Hydrant
Sadly, or maybe fortunately, I don't know where the closest fire hydrant is to my house.  However, we all should and when it comes to winter weather, it's important they are visible.  Middletown FD mentioned this this week, so I'll lead by example:  ATM will adopt a fire hydrant and make sure it's throughly cleared and visible this winter.  We'll put a picture up to prove it.  

If you want to join the fun, adopt a fire hydrant, clear the snow around it and post a picture of in on this Facebook page.  First person to send one in gets a $20 gift certificate to Fast and Fancy.  

Third Street Bridge - People are Fed UP!
Kudos to Cindy Miller for stepping up and writing a letter to the on the non-sense that is the continued closure of the Third Street Bridge.  People are fed up with the inaction of this borough council, the conflict of interests and wasted taxpayer's money in costly delays and legal fees.  

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