Sunday, January 26, 2014

Woman's Wallet Stolen From Trader Joe's This Morning, Thousands in Dollars of Gift Cards Charged


By request of the victim, I've removed further information about this incident.


  1. what a disgrace! Can't shop any damn place anymore without taking a chance of being robbed!! Just lost all respect for Trader Joe's for not having cameras, what are they that cheap? They sure do make enough money!!

  2. Yo...this is getting to be a regular ting in Media...time to tighten up the ship!!!

  3. Is it that expensive to put in a video security system? And not filing a report for the lady? I'm done shopping here.

    1. I'm sure they will miss your business.

  4. Yes, it is that expensive to install a security system. People assume the answer is so simple when the expense is not their own.

  5. Ummmm, no it's not. For a retail business the size of TJ's you could install a digital video recorder and up to 4 cameras for about $1500....................that's not a huge investment for the safety and security it provides, and the corporate people at TJ's know that too...................

  6. There is now information in the Delco Times about this with photos of the suspects. The print article has two photos, but on-line there is only one.