Sunday, April 19, 2015

Media in Two Minutes


The Story behind the "Story"
When I worked for the White House under the Clinton Administration, I remember them telling us a lot of things.  Two that I fondly remember were, "don't mistake popularity for success" and
"there's always a story behind the story."  The latter of which is applicable to Media.  Despite what some Media business owners have said regarding closing their stores due to retirement or better opportunities, that's not been the whole story.  Having spoke to a few privately, it was the high rents in and around State Street that made them make the decision to leave.  Another will be closing in the next few weeks citing the same problem.

Dog Warden Coming to Town
A special thanks to State Senator Tom McGarrigle on the news that the dog warden will be in Delaware County on April 27th.  And thanks or the Facebook comments too, I didn't know you could get a lifetime dog license for $30.  Good to know.

Media Veterinarian Hosptial
I want to personally thank the great people at Media Veterinarian Hospital for the difficult and painful decision to put my dog Austin down last week.  As soul crushing as that can be, they helped tremendously.  They even sent me a personal note of their sincere sympathy and condolences which I wasn't expecting.  Thank you!

Wawa, Finally!
The theme of this week's news on Wawa can be summed up in one word, "FINALLY"  Yes, after many years, personal agendas and what I'll say was mis-management by the borough; the long anticipated Wawa will begin soon.  Troubling fact here:  Much like the Third Street bridge, if you want anything done in this Media you have to take the borough's council to court first.

Here's a letter I wrote over two years ago regarding the situation. A special thanks to the Wawa team for hanging in there and seeing this through.

Post your events on ATM!
Thanks for all the submissions over the last few weeks.  I know there are a few I haven't posted yet, but I'll get them out.  Also, it doesn't hurt to remind me if I'm running behind and you don't see your event posted.

Central League Champs, State Champs and Now National!
Penncrest is on a roll this year after coming off a boys Lacrosse State Championship in 2014.  The boys track went on to win the Central League (UNDEFEATED) this week, with the HI-Q winning the national championship.  Nice work, Lions!  We are all very proud!

Third Street Bridge Update:
I'll have some more on this later, but the third street bridge project is proceeding, albeit, very slowly.  With the legal issues settled, it'll now take time to get the design plans ready and approved by PennDot.  When can you drive over it?  Probably not until late 2017, early 2018.

Edgmont Golf Club Sold
With all the other realestate development going on, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  For those who don’t know, the Edgmont Golf Club on West Chester Pike was sold some time ago.  No plans yet on what will be placed there, but it seems it’ll be something residential.  I heard one comment that the developer may keep 9 holes of the golf course and build houses around it.

Media Restaurants Not too Happy
I’m hearing the Media restaurants that participate in Dining Under the Stars are none to happy with a rate increase that’s been imposed by the Media Business Authority.  I hear it's as much as doubled from last year. Apparently its all due to what's being described as additional, needed security.  My initial questions, what's the justification and the reason driving additional security?  What's changed since last year and years before when DUTS seemed to be a peaceful and safe event?

Much like the issues I raised when the borough installed security cameras, I imagine these questions will go unanswered too.  

What Would You Like to Hear!
I recently looked at how many posts I've done to this site and it's very close to 2,000!  First thing I thought was, I sure do a lot of writing on things I've gathered, but maybe I should listen more.  So, if you have something you want me to look into, I'll see what I can find out.  Real-estate development, new stores/restaurants and updates on road repair are some that I'm working on.

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  1. Tedman, I'm so very sorry to hear about Austin. He was a great dog and for people like you who are good dog owners, losing a pet is losing a loved family member. Being together enriched both of your lives, and you and Austin were lucky to have spent so much time together. Again, my sincere condolences. But perhaps when the time is right, there's another lucky dog out there somewhere, looking for a new home and one of the best owners it could ever hope to find. All the best to you.