Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is Media Borough Council Paying Attention?

In last April's meeting, Media borough council went on to unanimously vote on continued funding for the borough's incident and request management website service called Public Space.

Unfortunately, it looks like no one on council has looked at the site for months.  As of 6/9/15 there are over 35 submissions spanning months that are still waiting to be acknowledged.  You can log on and look for your self at

It's everyone's job to keep Media clean, but how can residents have confidence in this service when it's not being maintained properly?


  1. Council is not responding because i bet all of the requests have to do with repairing 3rd St.

  2. HA! Good one CVP - I bet you are spot on!

  3. Perhaps actions speak louder than words, and they're just getting it done. Not council, but staff. We have good people working here and it serves little purpose trying to get political traction out of something like this.

  4. These idiots on council are getting old. And the clapping seals who make up the rest of the board vote in unison. Tedman, you may be right about this one. (That's right, I wrote that!)