Friday, October 9, 2015

A hotel for Media, PA might be as soon as 2016

Site for Media's Hampton Inn Hotel
It's about that time of year I make my prediction on what will happen with the long forgotten idea of a hotel in Media - but this time it's different.  I say forgotten because this has gone on for about 10 years and nothing has been done to the property that sits on the southeast part of town.

However, that's about to change.  The fencing is down that has surrounded the property and discussions are underway regarding demolition which may take place as early as next month. With demo comes construction and that may begin sometime early next year.

With the Springfield Marriott Courtyard completed and doing well, and Swarthmore half-way through building their new hotel; times sure have changed since 10 years ago when the idea was initially proposed for Media.   There's a lot of money sunk into this effort, so even had it been shopped around, and I'm pretty sure it was, it's way priced out of the market to be anything else than a hotel.

More traffic?  You betcha!  And for those who embrace the "Change" going on within Media, well, you're certainly on a roll but it's not done just yet.  There's more to come.........A LOT MORE.


  1. Again, HOW IS THIS A BAD THING? Media has MOTELS right now. REALLY dodgy ones, that are disgusting to look at and (I imagine) disgusting to STAY at. So if a nice hotel like a Hampton Inn can run those gross ones out of business, how is that a bad thing? It will also add to Media's tax revenue, increase business at local shops, and build on a site that is currently doing absolutely nothing for Media. When my husband's family comes to visit us, they usually stay at a hotel in Philadelphia. And we go visit them there. And we go to restaurants there. And we visit attractions there. And we shop there. If there was a hotel in Media, they could stay here. And we would go to restaurants here. And go to attractions here. And go to the stores here. I understand that people don't want more traffic, but you know what REALLY decreases traffic? A dead town. Media needs to grow to survive.

  2. It is impossible to find a decent place to stay unless you go to Garnet Valley, Philly, or Wilmington!! Trust me Garnet Valley is ALWAYS booked!! Why are there no clean/safe Hotels near Media?!!

  3. This will be a fantastic addition to Media! Yes, the Marriott is completed and is very nice, but the price is high and they are usually sold out @ $200-300 per room. This Hampton will provide a nice mid price range hotel with a great reputation of service. Also, how many rooms do you think the hotel at Swarthmore can actually house? I have seen the building in progress and it looks to not be very large. Even a hundred rooms you still need more decent properties there. Looking forward to the Hampton!!!

  4. Great idea! I am a native from Upper Providence, now living in TX. We vacation in OC every year but also spend some time near Media. Can't find a decent hotel anywhere in the area! End up staying at the airport (and some of those hotels not so great). Would love to see a nice hotel in Media, reserve me a room for next summer!