Sunday, January 3, 2016

Media, PA - The Year in Review 2015

2015 The Year in Review

When I compiled the top Media stories of 2015, I didn't realize how much changes in one year.  I first thought I'd do a top five, but that didn't really cover some of the other important things that happened in Media.

We've had openings and closures, movies, awards, new beginnings and virtually everything else that makes up a small town during a year.  However, one aspect of Media that grew and became stronger, was the community spirit that has enabled Media to flourish as one of the most desirable towns in America.  You may not find that on any publication, nor a search on the internet, but I can tell you with the many interactions I've had with the community, that people love this town.

As for the biggest story, there's no doubt that that falls under the closing of the iconic DiGnazio's Towne House.   A close second would be the announcement of the last call at the Plumstead Inn, which may have had a bigger affect on me due to the many memories I have of the place.

Just how big were those stories? Well, from an analytics standpoint from both Facebook and this site, those stories had a total reach to 176,083 readers, with 29,661(likes, comments, shares, etc) people engaged in just one week!

Top 3 Stories in 2015

Towne House Closes - Biggest Story of 2015

Plumstead to Close - Second Biggest Story of 2015

Promenade at Granite Run - Could have been the biggest story, but was bumped out.

Big Stories in their own right

Turkey Drive breaks record - Quite proud of this one

Media Participates in Tech Week - Not the biggest, but in my opinion one of the more important ones.

Pope Comes to Philly - A historical event, but not what Media was expecting

West End Flats Announced for Media - Is this a big gamble for Media?

Jefferson Square comes to Media - One word: Expensive

Slow Learners Movie Filmed in Media is Released - The movie is a bit slow, but you'll love all the scenes from Media.

Rails to Trails on Chester Creek - Never thought I'd see the day.  Thanks!!!!

Rebuilding of the Media/UP Library - I hope the use of this is what has been projected

Houtman Park Gets and Upgrade - It looks good and I hope people will use it.

The Great Media Art Heist - When do you get to report on an art heist?

Andy and the (Original) Old State Tavern Retire - Hadn't been in years, but I went to Andy's retirement event

Media Youth U13 Side defeats Doylestown to capture second Rugby Pennsylvania state title in three years! - This team and sport deserve more exposure

Media's Biggest Storm of 2015 - It's important to be prepared and informed

Rose Tree Media School
This school district continues to be outstanding!

Penncrest Envirothon with States and takes 2nd Place in the Nationals

Penncrest HI-Q wins National Championship

Penncrest Wins Media Bowl

Penncrest Gets a New Turf Field - Didn't think the old field was too bad, but I'm old

Penncrest Lacrosse - Back to Back Central League Champs

Delco Gets it's own Lager

Media on the Move
Bryn Mawr Running

320 Cafe Moves to the other end of State St.

RedBud moving to new location

New to Media in 2015

Sterling Pig Brewery Opens in Media

Bittersweet Restaurant

Pit Stop Pizza comes to Media

DiFabio's Opens at former Rose Tree Inm

Simon Says Comes To Jackson St.

Boogaloo Vape Shop comes to 107 S. Monroe St.

Painting with a Twist

Media Closures:

Maggie Hooks Closes

Granite Run Mall Closes Doors for Good

Sinfully Delicious Closes

Front Street Fountain Closes:

Sporting Gentleman moves to Glen Mills

The Village Art Shop Closes


  1. Good work Tedman a very comprehensive list..some year you MIGHT report cars driving up and down Third St.past Broomalls ..we can hope

  2. One more closure last week you may not have even noticed yet: Bridal shop on State Street "The Dress Matters". Store is empty; sign in window says relocated to Springfield.

  3. Thanks for the blog Tedman! Also, when is the "Sexiest Median Alive" announced? Best in 2016!