Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The video of last week's borough council meeting really tells the story of how bad things are on council.

Councilwoman Lisa Johnson fails to understand not only the lawsuit filed against Media Borough, but she also fails to understand/realize she was actually named in it with other council people.

After watching how badly these meetings go with people clearly unprepared, there should be no wonder why things like the Third Street Bridge aren't getting done.


  1. My God. How is someone like this elected to council. Any council!

  2. Wow - an embarrassment. What's her background, education, prior work experience?

  3. Pretty much support the Democrats.
    And often find this page nothing more than a GOP cheerleader..
    But this is embarrassing to see someone on council with such a lack of understanding.
    Time to build the damn dam!LONG OVERDUE.. delay driven by the "dont drive by my house cabal"
    The obvious hostility towards BLCC is disgusting.

  4. Funny, one would imagine that a person who was named as a defendant while a sitting Council member, would act differently ... not in total ignorance of the BLCC matter. Council members act as though they are immune from reality.

  5. becayse this town is so small it's easy for council folk to start acting in the best interests of themselves Hall living adjacent to Amy Johnson makes for some interesting scheming sessions and Lisa Johnson living on the same street as BLCC males for a personal bias to any changes to 3rd street And traffic patterns it's really a shame BLCC had to advance court action to reveal the personal bias in this borough lack of leadership and vision lies with the mayor, Smith, and council