Thursday, January 31, 2019

Video from Media Borough Council's Jan 2019 meeting.

Video from Media Borough Council's Jan 2019 meeting.  Full version can be view here.

This is a disturbing trend of Media's elected officials made up of entirely Democrats, not being prepared.  


  1. Classic

    Instead of Random Drug testing i think it is time Media institutes Random tests of COMPETENCE. Some of these Council members are either self medicated or just plain stupid. This is like a real life episode of PORTLANDIA.

  2. Classic example of not having to give a s### in a one party town having zero checks and balances. Incompetence has a home here! They're an embarrassment and joke. Thanks beta males and short haired low estrogen ladies of Media.

    1. Robinson stated media borough is transparent and yet clearly it's not
      This meeting is reminiscent of the pocket park meeting we need a new borough manager, mayor so some council members can be reigned in when they mix their personal agendas with taxpayers
      What did Bob Scotts outside council cost media taxpayers for the settlement last I wouldn't call it a victory but an ongoing example of media borough arrogance

    2. Bob Scott has a lot going on.... since he is solicitor (last I heard) for: Media Borough, Nether Providence Twp. Swarthmore Borough, Landsdowne Borough, East Lansdowne Borough, and assistant solicitor for Chester City. I don't know how he keeps it all straight!

  3. Kind of ironic BLCC had to build pools because the runoff from primarily Media Borough and Upper Providence fouled the lake water to the point where you couldn't swim in it. In order to build the pools BLCC had to sell and develop land I.e. Hickory Hill
    BLCC is in desperate need of capital improvements and they couldn't charge enough enterance fees and membership fees to raise that kind of money necessary for capital improvements so what other option would they have but develop more land. While BLCC doesn't have deep pockets like the developer of west end flats they also made Glen Providence Park possible via the media rowing club
    Media borough needs to mind their store they have council people and employees on the taxpayer dole with little to no results out of them

  4. eh....still better than republicans

  5. People think local government is a circus in Darby Borough and some of the inner ring suburbs. This is much worse! Media does not thrive "because of" these clowns; Media thrives "in spite of" these clowns!

  6. These people can't hold day jobs acting like this. What the Hell is wrong with this town?!