Monday, September 10, 2018

More development could be coming to Media, PA on State Street

"The prospective buyer, Marty Rudman, a seasoned developer in the region, is hoping to build an apartment building with approximately 21 units on three floors. However, the zoning district requires the ground floor to be retail or office. Linn explained while he can comply with a maximum height of 40 feet, he needs four stories, where three are the maximum allowed."


  1. Let the whining begin.

  2. Already saw it..
    Why can't they make it a park..the developer should DONATE the land..Wawa should pay exploitation..
    I too am all for open space and parks..
    But they should STFU or ante up their own money or lobby their local municipalities to buy it..and I'm uber liberal..amazed how some people think

  3. Nether providence township should buy it
    The developer can take a HUGE tax credit
    For donating the land and ridding this end of town of the only affordable place for people on the fringe to live

    1. It's too bad Pennsylvania does not require towns to provide affordable housing like NJ does. The powers that be have been driving prices up with their zeal for development. Where will the residents of the Raven go? Removing an option for low income people to live, without plans for alternatives, is not representative of "everybody's hometown".

    2. "provide affordable housing like NJ does"

      The NJ affordable housing act is a joke. They collect the TAX on new construction and don't spend the money to build "affordable housing". Do you research there is no " affordable housing" being built by the state with the money collected from thus tax. They have collected millions of dollars and give it to the developers that contribute to the campaigns Just look at what is going on in Camden.

    3. Nether Providence..?It is in boro!

  4. I think the building should have six stories and be of a very substantial size, thus providing another large "anchor" for the Media Gateway. I have in mind something to complement the mega structure already at the West End. Symmetry is a desirable design aesthetic. Perhaps the town planner has already thought of it.

  5. I am less worried about providing low income housing and eliminating low life housing in our neighborhoods. A quick search of the PA Megans Law website for 427 E State St, Media, PA 19063, yields 2 registered sex offenders living at the raven. I have seen the number go higher. The Raven is a nuisance property and should be razed and re-developed for productive, respectable residents or businesses. Get rid of the raven. Don't believe me, try for yourself.