Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Olive Street Garage - Park at your own risk

If you thought the lack of progress on the Third Street Bridge was bad, the Olive Street Garage isn't much better.  First reported back in 2012, the Olive Street garage has been notorious for rain leaks and damage to many cars over the years, let alone concerns over safety and parking inconveniences.  In 2014 it was closed for much of the summer and supposedly fixed at the cost of ~$900k.  I write supposedly as a case can be made it never was fixed.

August 2018

Who on Media Borough Council signed off on the completion of the project and what's the recourse to have it fixed correctly?

Media has much bigger priorities than $20,000 5 minute informecials

Significant Repair Needed for Olive Street Garage.

Media Borough Council Considers $850,000 Bond to Repair Olive Street Garage

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  1. I saw the video where Brian Hall asked the borough engineer to look into who repaired the parking garage and to report back
    Never heard from Brian Hall again - maybe Brian Hall is looking to pickup clients that are injured from falling debri BH is after all a personal injury lawyer